Advantages and Capabilities


  • Strategic Planning/Energy Policy
  • Energy Planning and Forecasting
  • Technology Design/ Integration/Demonstration/ Sustainment: Renewable Energy, Energy-efficient Technologies, Fuel Cells, Hydrogen, Alternative Fuels



  • Collaborative R&D Management
  • Water Reuse Technologies
  • Technology Feasibility & Process Optimization
  • Green Products & Technologies
  • Corrosion Mitigation & Prevention
  • Recycling, Reuse & Recovery Technologies
  • Source Reduction/HAZMAT Elimination


ITB builds and leads technology development collaborations.

Managed collaborative teams: NASA Shuttle Environmental Assurance Initiative; Multiple Hexavalent Chromium Replacement Teams; Multiple Lead-Free Solder Assessment Teams; DoD Joint Group on Pollution Prevention

ITB’s proven methods assist clients in reducing negative environmental and human health impacts and better manage water, energy and waste while improving financial and operational outcomes.

ITB has applied a number of tools and approaches to identify and mitigate energy and environmental based on a risks and costs in support of NASA, DoD, the European Space Agency and commercial organizations.

Tools and Approaches

  • Integration/demonstration/ optimization/implementation of clean and sustainable resources
  • Risk assessment, lifecycle analysis and risk mitigation
  • Technology scouting
  • Environmental and energy assessments
  • Environmental regulatory impact analysis


ITB Energy Experience

ITB has experience in strategic energy planning and forecasting for a Federal Agency with multiple field locations and a diverse portfolio of research and office facilities.  ITB operates the NASA Energy and Water Program, helping the Agency meet its energy and water management and reporting requirements. ITB develops energy forecasting tools, works with the NASA field Centers on managing energy and water data, supports energy audits and works with NASA on strategic planning and DOE reporting.

ITB Case Study

ITB Environmental Experience

ITB provides environmental support to NASA in regulatory analysis, risk assessment, technology evaluation, green technologies and evaluation of alternative materials for critical applications. Under NASA’s Environmentally-Driven Risk Reduction contract, ITB has managed more than 50 testing and technology demonstration projects to assess hundreds of cutting-edge “green” materials and processes, many of which are approved and in-use across the Agency and DoD and international partners.

ITB Case Studies